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Davy Evans’s Metallic Degradation

November 17, 2012

Unless you have the veritable excuse of living on another planet, you’ll know that The xx released a new album a couple months ago, Coexist. I didn’t realize that Davy Evans and The xx had collaborated on the showreel for the band’s live shows until very recently. But given the accompanying album art for their sophomore effort, I don’t see why the partnership should surprise me.

Read on about the impressions of Evans’s work, as well to check out a sample showreel used in The xx’s live performances!

I don’t see the point in trying to explain why I like these pieces by Evans, or describe how they make me feel. The exercise is, to me, both futile and irrelevant to the work itself. So I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Think about the colours, the texture, the movement. The seemingly futuristic and glitchy show of the subject, yet also a simultaneous display of a modern industrialization (read: of decay). Perhaps unwittingly I have just described the ways in which I understand the constitutive aspects of Evans’s work, but still, I don’t think that leaps forward to an understanding of how it makes me feel.

And so with that, below you’ll find a sample of the photography and moving image used by The xx for their live shows, with a composition of different songs from the UK band’s new album. It’s really quite something else to see Davy’s work in movement, and to hear The xx’s music come alive with visual art.

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