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Be@rbrick: Toys Anyone Could Want

June 12, 2012

(From left to right:) Honen & Shinran, Mika Ninagawa, NEXUSVII

If you lurk around the Internet as much as I do (which is, uh, a totally healthy amount…) chances are you’ve probably come across an image of Medicom Toy‘s Be@rbrick toy. The former part of the toy’s name derives from the figure obviously resembling a bear, and the latter part refers to the use of parts from another Medicom toy, called Kubrick. These toys only started being made in, like, 2001, and is now totally a hugely prestigious thing to collaborate on a design; collaborators include Karl Lagerfeld, Disney, Ren & Stimpy, The Kill Bill franchise, etc.

Read on after the jump.

The collaborations are really what interest me, and admittedly I spent, like, a solid hour perusing the countless Be@rbrick variants. The above three which I’ve featured are definitely some of my favorites; incidentally, the creepy mutant Mickey Mouse-esque one (on the far right) was the first one I’d ever come across online, on like Svpply or something, maybe. But it really can’t  be stressed enough: the sheer variation and volume of these toys leaves virtually no one out. It’s a good gift idea, if only because you’ll undoubtedly find a Be@rbrick toy that will suit the giftee.

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