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une petite pause

November 13, 2009

Hey all- just giving you a heads-up I’ll be probably a bit behind on posting’s as I’m currently on a trip (!!), so I will do my best to make up for it later.

Also: found this suuuuuper rad artist, Kenichi Hoshine, which I thought I’d show here. Unfortunately, there are some drawings which no longer seem to be posted on his site (these can be found at  BOOOOOOOM)but what is there is pretty cool. His stuff’s pretty calming, I find- the sleep motif is accentuated by the blurred edges of his work, as though the viewer is slowly wavering out and back into sleep. Neat stuff.

Untitled 6 - Kenichi Hoshine

Poison Control Vol.1 Book Project Illustratio

Untitled 4 - Kenichi Hoshine

Untitled 12 - Kenichi Hoshine

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